Self-care in the city

How Age UK Sunderland is working with others to take people forward to better health and well being

 All Together Better (ATB) Sunderland is an NHS-funded ‘vanguard’ programme bringing health and social care services together, with other support organisations in the city, to provide better care for those who need it most, to keep them well and out of hospital if they don’t need to be there.

Age UK Sunderland is working as part of a partnership being co-ordinated by ATB Sunderland is working to focus attention on the benefits of ‘self-care’ in order to help local people take control of their own good health and wellbeing better  –  whether that’s managing a long term condition; trying to quit smoking, improve  their diet or get more exercise.  We know this can offer huge benefits to people and their families, as well as help reduce the pressure on over-stretched public services.

There is an abundance of expertise across the city supporting people to understand how to look after themselves and ATB want to join up those providers to improve and expand self care by sharing experiences and knowledge; exploring new techniques and technologies and avoiding duplication of work.

A key part of the plan is the introduction of the Patient Activation Measure (PAM) tool – which helps identify what level of support individuals or their carers might need to manage their health and well-being.

The PAM is being piloted across a range of specialism starting with Age UK Sunderland’s Essence Service and Hospital Discharge team, volunteer GP practices,  and the council’s Move To Improve programme.

As well as trialling the PAM, relevant front line staff will be offered direct training courses on core skills and self-care coaching skills; how to use the PAM tool or at least dealing with people based on their score; continuation and development of the clinical courses for carers and mapping what exactly is happening across the city in relation to self care.

Relevant resources for staff are available on the ATB website self care pages and will be added to as the project progresses.

You can also get lots of information to help you help the people you care for at


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