We run a free 5 week course for carers and their families – “Understanding Dementia“.

The feedback we have had about this course has been great – it is a valuable resource, equipping carers and their families with tools to help them support their loved one with dementia.  Carers learn not just from the facilitators, but also from each other, through sharing experiences and thus feeling better equipped for the future.  See further down for some examples of the feedback we have received so far.

The courses are run throughout the year, so watch this space for future dates.  Our next courses are in January 2020 and once we get further dates we will update this page – watch this space.

We have 1 day time course running from the Essence Centre starting:
– Thursday 30th January – 1pm til 3:15pm

We have 1 evening course running from the Essence Centre starting:
– Tuesday 28th January – 6pm til 8:15pm

(see image below for info).

If you would like to book a place please contact the Essence Service on 0191 5221310 (attendees must be registered with the Essence Service).

Keep an eye on this page for future days and times as we do also run evening courses too throughout the year.

Other training opportunities:
In addition to this training, we also hold Dementia Friends sessions which are held at the Essence Centre regularly throughout the year.  These are one-off sessionsHead here for information.

Feedback re our Understanding Dementia for Carers Training.
Carers who attended the course were asked various questions to ascertain their experiences.

How have you benefited from attending the sessions?

A couple of responses we had:

“Meeting other carers and discussing the role and how they cope.  Learning more about what will help my Husband”.

“I have a much improved understanding of dementia, how it may feel to a sufferer and how to help. I also have a greater understanding of the help available to support both sufferer and carer.  And I have an insight of what’s to come”.

What difference has attending made to you and your caring role?

A couple of responses we had:

“Confidence to deal with situations, exercise greater patience and understanding.  Where to get help from when it may be needed”.

“Made me more aware of behaviours and changes in the person”.

Will you share what you have learnt with other family members or friends, and if so, how will you do this
A couple of responses we had:

“Yes, already have.  Talk to them, show them information to read”.

“I have already done the above with friends and family as I have found everything very interesting and I feel more confident talking about the changes that may occur”.

If you have attended with other family members, has this been beneficial and if so, how?
A couple of responses we had:

“Yes, definitely.  We can discuss together the excellent information that Cath has given to us”.

“Yes, I have seen a greater appreciation in my Mum of what our sufferer is enduring.  I also appreciate the understanding and empathy that exists already.  And I can hear / see the impact more clearly of dementia on my Mum as a carer and the support she needs”.

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