? Essence is digital!!
If you are interested in accessing our service digitally we have a range of support and a number of activities that are available.
The Essence Service is able to provide initial assessments and keep in touch meetings virtually using Microsoft TEAMS, Zoom, SKYPE and Facetime platforms.
We have a wide range of information and resources that can be sent electronically.
We offer ‘virtual information sessions’ to highlight support that is available to you.
Our virtual activity programme offers the opportunity to get together with others and we have a range of sessions including virtual coffee mornings, outreaches and carer groups.
We are delivering Virtual Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (vCST).
We regularly update our website, so please keep an eye for updates.
Our support staff are keen to help in any way we can. If you would like help to access our and other online services please do get in touch.
Our email address is essenceservice@ageuksunderland.org.uk and landline is 0191 5221310
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